Virtual Football & Tennis


Trailer for the release of the football and tennis products. Football was the first product produced by Motionbox with a steep learning curve. 215 individual football events were created to enable a highlights package to be  output for each resulting scoreline. The animators painstakingly pieced together building blocks of motion capture to create each bespoke goal and in game play.


Tennis was a different proposition. For this it was decided to capture whole points in motion capture. This required a motion capture volume not seen before and working with Centroid and Bruizer we created the largest capture volume in Europe. This enabled us to seamlessly capture motion without stitching. This allowed the production to be much more efficient and allowed us to focus on and develop the characters. With more realistic skin shading and body scanning this allowed us to push the quality to a new level.

Panorama of the capture volume at Leavesden studios Hertfordshire.

Body scanning tennis players at FBFX.

Head scanning for facial features.

Resulting model in game.